Xiegu X5105 Portable HF Amateur Radio Transceiver


X5105 is an ultra-portable transceiver, has a high-capacity battery pack, automatic antenna tuner, covering HF, 50 MHz frequency band, can achieve a true sense of the “mobile communications”.


Ultra-large matrix screen provides rich content information. Has a 3800 mAh high-capacity battery pack, and can provide 6 to 8 hours of battery life, allowing you to operate calmly the outdoors. Built-in highly efficient automatic antenna tuner (ATU), the antenna is no longer in trouble and can quickly deploy your field HF station. Covering HF, 50 MHz bands full mode, allowing you to listen to any frequency information on the shortwave frequency.

  • HF / 50 MHz Portable Transceiver
  • SSB / CW / AM / FM, 5W QRP
  • Built-in Auto Antenna Tuner
  • Built-in Large Capacity Battery
  • Double freq conversion (high, intermediate freq) + ADSP baseband
  • MDS, Sensitivity: -135 dBm
  • Dynamic Receive Range: 105 dB
  • 2 kHz Blocking Gain: 65 dB
  • >0.25 uV, 12 dB Sinad
  • CW Preset Message, CW Auto Decoding
  • PSK31 / RTTY Auto Decoding
  • Built-in Scan Receiver
  • Built-in SWR Scanner
  • Better Protection

Additional information

Weight 2 kg