SmartMDM Professional


SmartMDM Professional is the system to effectively manage and control multi-mode radios, narrowband radios and body-worn cameras. It helps users to manage fleets of communication devices in a faster, easier and smarter way, minimising the risks to the radio user as well as the device. Key functions which users can achieve with Smart MDM Professional are remote configuration, remote firmware and software upgrades, application and connection whitelisting and programming.


There are many common problems users face while managing radio fleets – how to programme or upgrade radios in less time; how to ensure connection security of Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories or how to release radio storage.

That’s where Smart MDM Professional comes in.


Wireless control – programme and upgrade multi-mode radios anywhere covered by 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.

Batch programming – programming time for multi-mode radios is reduced by up to 96% with an MDM solution. SmartMDM Professional pushes the task to the radio via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network and the radio automatically executes it. Programming time for narrowband radios can also be reduced by up to 80%. SmartMDM Professional pushes the task to an IDS to which the radios can be connected to execute the task.

App control – control app installation and un-installation via a black list. The black list is configured to create lists which are both forbidden to be installed and forbidden to be un-installed by the device user.

Over-the-air programming (OTAP) – SmartMDM professional can programme TETRA radios over the air. No need to take radios back for re-programming – just connect one radio to the IDS for sending OTAP commands.

Radio health management – monitor antenna status, battery health, system validity and storage capacity to ensure radio performance.

Communication safety – data travelling through SmartMDM Professional is always encrypted. Manual authentication secures the communication between multi-mode advanced radio and SmartMDM, and hybrid encryption protects sensitive data.

SmartMDM Professional is made up of three components:

  • Admin client: transmits control commands and pushes tasks, including programming, upgrades, key management, feature controls, application installation, files, alerts, etc.
  • MDM server: stores asset information and device records, transfers tasks and commands and stores backup radio data.
  • IDS: automatically executes tasks from admin client.

Basic package includes: 1 x server software, 1 x admin station, 1 x IDS, 1 x USB dongle.


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