Sharman Mini Blade Fuse Tap with 10 A Mini Blade Fuse


Sharman’s new Mini Blade Fuse Tap with 10 Amp mini blade fuse. Comes with 6 inch 16 AWG wire and is suitable for 12/24 V applications. Allows easy installation of additional circuits without cutting or soldering.


This fuse tap turns one fuse slot into two and therefore offers individual protection for each circuit.

With the ever increasing number of vehicles now manufactured with the CAN BUS wiring system it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate a quick power source without cutting, splicing and soldering and this lead offers a best possible solution for the two way taxi radio users and installers.

With an added advantage of a built in fuse holder, it is ideal for installing additional devices such as PMR, CB radios, phone kits, alarms, hard wired applications, trackers, accessory sockets etc.

We also supply this lead with a long blade fuse, please see our product code POW-LBFT.