Sharman Helmet Flat Speaker with 2.5 mm Mono Jack Plug


  • Connector: 2.5 mm Mono Plug
  • Fits Most Motorcycle Helmets
  • Flat Speaker with Velcro
  • Colour: Black


Sharman’s flat single helmet speaker with a long lead terminating with a 2.5 mm mono jack plug, designed to fit inside most motorcycle helmets.

The 2.5 mm mono jack plug can connect to a 2.5 mm mono speaker socket found on a few different two-way radio walkie-talkies or receivers, such as Kenwood and Cronus KR-595.

The pack comprises one flat speaker inside a velcro cover designed to affix inside the helmet with a spare supplied round adhesive velcro pad for quick install and removal. Extra pad included for secondary installation.