Panorama AQHB/U 1/4 Wave Antenna 430-472 MHz


The AQHB/U is a basic UHF antenna. It has a hinged base and is made to Panorama’s high standards.


Panorama mobile whip with Hinged type mount – supplied Uncut. Mobile whip features a 17-7 PH black stainless steel rod with plated brass components and black nylon mouldings. The antenna can be unscrewed and removed for easy car washing. The hinged mount and the mounting system provide a high degree of compatibility between whips and bases, making them suitable for all applications whether temporary or permanent.

Panorama AQHB/U 1/4 Wave Antenna 430-472 MHz


  • Hinged: Yes 
  • Height: 500 mm
  • Gain Isotropic: 2 dBi  
  • Pre-Tuned Bands  H3-W         
  • Bandwidth 2:1 VSWR: 10% 
  • Frequency Range: 430-472 MHz 

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Weight 0.7 kg