New Sirio DV Base N for Wing Nut Mounting Antennae


  • Sirio New DV Base.
  • Suitable for Wing Nut Mounting Antennas on a DV Base.
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A mount with DV (swivel) top and new style DV connection underneath.

Key features / specifications:

  • The mount is for use with leads fitted with the new style DV elbow plug which has a male pin on it.
  • The mount is also supplied with a small pin which allows you to use it with a lead that has the old-style DV plug on it.
  • By adding a 3/8 to DV adapter (C52) you can use this mount to angle the antenna (eg for mounting on a sloping surface).
  • The mount has a good rubber seal and the use of a DV plug means the coax comes out at a right angle (ie parallel with the body) rather than straight down.