Midland G5C PMR446 Twin Pack Transceivers


  • Very Compact Sized Licence Free Radios
  • Perfect for Short Range Communications
  • Baby Sitter Function with Dedicated Channels
  • Automatic Battery Save


Twin pack, very compact sized licence free PMR 446 UHF radios, UK version with 3-pin adaptors, use anywhere, ideal for friends and family, and small enough to keep in your shirt pocket. Supplied with rechargeable batteries and UK chargers.

The box contains a blister with 2 Midland G5C (1 x Black, 1 x Red ), 2 x individual UK 3-pin mains battery chargers, 6 x rechargeable 800 mAh AAA size batteries, 2 x belt clips.


  • Baby Sitter function with dedicated channels
  • Automatic battery save
  • Low battery indicator
  • VOX adjustable in 3 levels for communication hands-free + Vox TalkBack
  • CALL feature
  • Roger Beep
  • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries
  • Audio Accessories: 2 pin
  • Compatible wall charger: MW904