MFJ-1624 Multi-Band Mobile Antenna


It is a high-performance whip antenna with load inductance for operation from 40 to 6 meters. Use the simplest kits for attaching it to the bumper, trunk of your car or a magnetic base.


This highly efficient base-loaded 5 1/2 bug catcher covers 40 thru 6 meters – use a simple truck lip, mirror, luggage mount or tri-mag mount!

Become an HF mobile almost instantly with almost no effort! Have tons of fun rag-chewing and DXing on the HF bands. Turn boring drives into fun-filled ham adventures. It only takes minutes to attach a trunk lip mount (like the MFJ-347), mirror or luggage mount (like the MFJ-342), or tri-magnet mount (like the MFJ-338T) and screw in your MFJ-1624 mini bug catcher HF mobile antenna!

Throw your rig into the car, plug it in the cigarette lighter and turn the power down to 20 Watts or so (to avoid overloading your cigarette lighter – the MFJ-1624 handles 300 Watts PEP). Operate your HF mobile and enjoy DXing!

The MFJ-1624 bug catcher design uses a large highly-efficient air-wound inductor – far outperforms other compact HF antennas. The exclusive built-in inductive matching network keeps SWR low. 5 1/2 foot whip collapses to 2 1/2 feet for easy storage and garages. Base loaded for minimum wind load and stress. Change bands by moving the wander lead. 3/8 by the 24-inch mount.