Chrome Northwest 500 ml Trigger Spray (Various)


  • Chrome Northwest Cleaning Products
  • Ease of Use and Great Effect
  • Capacity: 500 ml


Mega Clean – strong general purpose cleaner for the removal of built-in grime on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Great on UPVC frames, Removes oil, grease and nicotine. The product is characterized by ease of use and a great effect.

Pink has a gentle cleaning action, superb finishing properties and a fantastic long-lasting fragrance. It really is that simple – spray, wipe, done!

Verry Cherry masks unpleasant odours leaving a rich cherry fragrance. Simply spray the amount required to your own tastes and allow it to dry.

Cool Fresh masks unpleasant odours leaving a clean fresh fragrance. Depending on preference, Spray the area liberally and allow it to dry.

Odour Kill – a fast-acting Odour absorber and remover. Removes unpleasant substances such as smoke, animal smells, wheelie bins etc.

Window and glass cleaner. A liquid glass cleaner for the removal of dirt, grease wax etc. Rapid streak-free cleaning on all glass surfaces.

Fast Wax is better suited to light colour vehicles, embellish this purple coloured quick detailer is better suited to dark colours like reds and blacks. Spray directly onto vehicle wet or dry and spread with a sponge or cloth then buff off with a clean dry microfibre before it drys. Work one panel at a time works very well as a quick spray cleaner polish in difficult to reach areas. Colour may vary but does not affect the product in any way.

Super Fabric Cleaner is a safe, non-toxic and highly effective agent designed to remove dirt from various types of fabrics. It works great when removing stains from rugs, floor coverings, armchairs and other material elements inside the car. Removes both unwanted stains and bad smells. A special atomizer makes the product used in the form of foam, which further increases its effectiveness in the case of stronger dirt and efficiency. Use without dilution or dilute with water depending on the degree of soiling (max. 1:30 ratio). Apply the liquid to the stain until wet, rub with a soft brush or a damp cloth. Wipe the stain and excess with a damp cloth. Let it dry.

Fly Away – bug and fly remover.

Embellish is the fastest-used detailing spray. Gives a unique gloss to varnished surfaces, provides a very durable, water-repellent (water repellent) finish while protecting the paint from dirt. The preparation is quick and easy to apply. Its performance means that even the use of a small amount of preparation gives your car a shine for a long time. The product is characterized by ease of use and a great effect. Spray the surface with a dry varnish and rub with a cloth to achieve the desired effect.

Leather Cleaner comes with the help – a cleaner for leather upholstery. The product effectively removes all kinds of persistent dirt. It does not discolour the surface being cleaned. Leather Cleaner can be used regardless of the colour of the upholstery. The preparation has a very strong effect and will help you deal with heavy dirt. Apply with a spray, sponge or a soft cloth. Remove dirt with a clean microfiber. If necessary, repeat this process to achieve satisfactory results.

Ultra Tyre Shine. Ultra-high sheen, weather-resistant tyre/plastics dressing. Semi is viscous with added U.V protection.