Chatter Box Bike to Bike Comms


  • Bidirectional Voice Communication Between Driver and Passenger
  • Simple Fitting and Connection
  • Hands-Free Operation
  • Fits All Styles of Helmet


The motorcycle intercom set allows bi-directional voice communication between driver and passenger. Compact size main unit with belt clip, and two earset-microphone sets with soft curl cord and jack for fast connection to the main unit.

The intercom kit allows uninterrupted 2-way communication between rider and pillion. Operating on a continuously open channel’ there is no answer or transmit buttons to press.

The earpiece/microphone boom simply clips onto the shell of all helmet types. The flexible-boom ensures optimum positioning of the microphone to the rider’s mouth, the ear-piece fits flush in the ear for extra comfort when putting on and wearing a crash helmet.

Key Features:

  • Simple fitting and connection
  • Hands-free operation
  • Volume control
  • Comfort fit in-the-ear earphones
  • Flexi-boom microphone
  • Fits all styles of helmet
  • Compact size module with belt buckle
  • Battery operated (4 x AAA batteries not supplied)