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We are a supplier of two-way radio equipment covering professional, marine, government, taxi, business, emergency, amateur radio, citizen band, PMR446, aviation and other radio related fields. We design and manufacture our own products, such as programming, CAT control, CW communication, RX monitoring, radio cloning, data mode (digital communication) interfaces and various audio accessories for two-way radio equipment. All our products are extensively tested at time of manufacture to be free of defects. Our contacts, expertise, and knowledge allow us to offer exceptional value unsurpassed by even the largest companies in the world. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who can attest to the level of service and cost savings we can provide. Discounts are available for large orders – the more you order the bigger discount you get.
Please use the form on the right to search through the shop. Our predictive search allows you to locate accessories by their name, part number, or radio model. For example, entering GP340 in the SEARCH window will match all available accessories for the Motorola GP340 handheld transceiver. This search is useful if you do not know the category in which your cable interface or headset has been placed.

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