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Renowned Supplier of Two-Way Radio Hardware

We are a supplier of two-way radio hardware, such as programming and data mode interfaces, cloning cables, and audio accessories. You will find that when you purchase our products you will possibly never need to replace them. All our products are extensively tested at time of manufacture to be free of defects. Our programming cables and audio accessories do not include any manuals or instructions for use. Therefore, it will be assumed that the purchaser is knowledgeable in using the products for the applications they are designed for. Please note that we supply the hardware only, we can not supply software apart from the programs listed on our website. Our contacts, expertise, and knowledge allow us to offer exceptional value unsurpassed by even the largest companies in the world. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who can attest to the level of service and cost savings we can provide. Discounts are available for large orders – the more you order the bigger discount you get.


Please use the form on the right to search through the shop. Our predictive search allows you to locate accessories by their name, part number, or radio model. For example, entering "GP340" in the "Search for" window will match all available accessories for the Motorola GP340 handheld transceiver. This search is useful if you do not know the category in which your cable interface or headset has been placed.


Please note our shop will be closed until 10th of August. You can still buy our products but we will not be able to send them until the 10th of August.


Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks for your support.

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